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People rarely think about their trash chutes until they break down or start giving off so much unbearable foul smell. Although it may be hidden from the public eyes, your trash chute is as vital as any other part of your home. And be it an apartment building, hotel, hospital, restaurant, or office building, the importance of a properly maintained trash chute system can never be overemphasized. A lot of trash chute repairs could be avoided with the right maintenance plans in place.

Why Is Trash Chute Maintenance & Repair Important?

From uncomfortable air quality to a life-threatening disease, there are many reasons why every homeowner and property manager should invest in trash chute maintenance. Below are some of the reasons while periodic chute maintenance is beneficial to homes and offices.

Air Quality

One of the common issues with unkempt or poorly maintained trash chutes is the lingering smells and odors. Although trash chutes are not known for pleasant smells, the odor is not supposed to seep into your home or office space. The persistent foul odor is just one of the indicators of a neglected trash chute.

Of course, an unpleasant smell could create a big inconvenience to anyone. And despite the amount of air freshener you may try using to subdue it, it won’t do the trick. And in the odor, there’s always a bigger underlying problem. Most times, this poor air quality results from the presence of mold and bacteria in the air. And as you could guess, there are always negative health consequences for inhaling this polluted air.

Fire Accidents

Recently, fire outbreaks or “grease fires” have become a prevalent issue in trash chutes. Garbage bags with grease, when thrown into the chutes, might burst open, causing the grease to spill on the sides of the chute walls. With this, all that is left for a fire outbreak is a little overheating, and boom! You have a fire.

While we can’t possibly prevent grease from spilling into the chute walls, we can prevent fire outbreaks by investing in proper trash chute maintenance. Don’t wait till it’s too late, be proactive. Hire a professional trash chute cleaning company near you to remove any harmful substances from the side of the chute that might cause fire outbreaks.

Extend The Durability Of The Trash Chute

Like any other thing within the home, a well-kept and duly maintained trash chute system will last longer. Though the trash chute gets a regular share of garbage thrown to it, regular maintenance is vital to keep it going.

With proper trash chute maintenance, you will worry less about repairs, as many materials that may cause damage to the trash chute system will be taken care of.  Corroding chemicals and other liquids and lingering debris and grease can greatly reduce the lifespan of the chute if left unchecked. Investing in proper maintenance will not only ensure that your trash chute is in good shape but guarantee it will stand the test of time.

Prevent Health Issues

Unkempt trash chutes can not only lead to fire hazards but cause health hazards as well. An unpleasant odor is mostly characterized by molds, bacteria, spores, and a whole lot of germs. And with organic waste been the primary form of waste thrown into the trash chutes, it explains why the trash chutes are the best breeding place for harmful pathogens. These harmful organisms will eventually find their way into the building space and mixing up with the air, thereby entering through the respiratory system. This will affect the body’s health, cause sickness and worsen other conditions like asthma. But with a good trash chute maintenance and repair plan, poor air quality that indicates the presence of harmful pathogens will no longer be an issue.

Trash Chute Maintenance & Pest Infestation

Organic wastes thrown inside the trash chutes may stick at the chute walls. And when you ignore proper trash maintenance, these unchecked wastes will turn into an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. And as you can expect, the presence of these harmful organisms will greatly affect the air quality. But that’s not all. The foul odor will attract many flies, cockroaches, rodents, bugs, and other insects, which can prove quite difficult to get rid of completely.

Pests like bugs, rats, and others are easily attracted to easy access to food waste as they form the basic brooding ground. And trash chute is a great spot. However, with a great chute maintenance plan involving periodic trash chute cleaning by professional chute cleaning and repair companies, you will not only be getting rid of unpleasant odors but will also be getting rid of these pests.

How Often Should A Trash Chute Be Cleaned?

Trash chute cleaning is generally a routine maintenance measure. And while trash chute cleaning cannot be easily ignored, most homeowners and property managers need to understand how frequently this should be done. And though there’s no general rule on how often you should clean your trash chutes. It is safe to engage professional trash chute cleaning companies near you to get your chutes cleaned at least once or twice a year. However, this depends on a couple of factors, including the number of people using the trash chutes and how often they use them.

What Type Of Garbage Can I Throw Into The Trash Chute?

The huge chunk of chute maintenance falls on every one that is directly using the chutes. And as a homeowner or property manager, you should have a detailed outline of what can or cannot be thrown down the trash chute. And also, instructions on how to dispose of some items are posted at each intake door.

The outlined instructions can be in the form of;

Garbage chutes: all wastes are to be wrapped and properly sealed in plastic bags.

Recycle chutes: milk cartons, plastic milk jugs, soda cans, and any other related items should be crushed into a smaller size.

Laundry Chutes: laundry chutes should be exclusive to linens only.

Your trash chute system sees a lot of wastes every day. However, daily usage of these chutes will result in the compactors and dumpsters filling up quickly. You will have to contend with the foul odors, pest infestation, and possible breakdown of the chute system. But with adequate maintenance plans, including cleaning of garbage, linen chutes, and any other kind of debris removal system, makes the chute system extra durable.

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