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    Clean Trapped Grease From Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Vent Hoods

    At ChutePlus we have over 15 years of experience cleaning commercial kitchen vents & exhausts as well as any grease trapping hoods. When we come to a site we make sure that every last drop of grease is gone. Sometimes we even use special degreasers to accomplish this. Grease buildup is extremely hazardous and must be cleaned at a minimum of every 3 months. We are fully certified. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 6,000 commercial kitchen fires are reported each year, causing an average of 75 injuries and $172 million in property damages. We don’t just clean the visible part of the hood; we steam clean the entire vent stack above the hood as well, which is the most hazardous part. If you smell a terrible odor that you or your customers cannot bare then it must be the right time to call us for a grease trap cleaning.

    Squeaky Clean Restaurant Kitchens:

    As part of a restaurant’s sanitary sewer system, grease traps prevent heavy grease from entering and clogging the municipal collection system. The process begins with the complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease-laden water. We also perform a thorough evaluation of your system to make sure everything is functioning correctly.

    grease trap hood cleaning in NYC restaurant


    ChutePlus LLC cannot reveal to you all the secrets of keeping commercial kitchens spotless, but we do offer reliable, affordable and award winning grease trap cleaning services as well as a full line of kitchen cleaning solutions like hood cleaning. We proudly service all of New York City (Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx & Manhattan) as well as Nassau & Suffolk county Long Island. Call now for a fast and free estimate.

    A sparkling kitchen is an essential part of owning a restaurant. Your customers may flock there for your food, but your eager patrons will certainly dry up if they see any indication your kitchen isn’t sanitary.

    Keeping your kitchen clean is necessary, but it can be very time-consuming. Your staff already spends a significant amount of time making sure every spill is wiped up as they go and that the kitchen is tidy when they leave. Every minute they spend cleaning is time they are not spent making money by putting quality food on the table of your guests, however.

    When it comes time to deep clean the kitchen, the time crunch gets even worse. Not only do you have to put more pressure on your staff, but you have to stop the kitchen to take it apart for the deepest possible cleaning. For those DIYers, a must-read is our cleaning guide for building managers.

    One option to help save time and money, as well as insure a quality job, is to outsource your kitchen and grease hood cleaning. Hiring a commercial cleaning team to get the job done has a range of benefits, especially if you are a busy restaurant where every staff member is critical.

    Faster commercial & industrial kitchen hood cleaning

    Typically a commercial cleaning team is at least two members. That means you’ll have more hands-on deck instead of just one designated cleaning person. These people also come with tools such as steam cleaners and pressure washers that will get the job done in record time.

    When you can’t afford to shut your business down for long periods of time to break the kitchen apart, a professional cleaning team with all the tools necessary could be the right answer.

    Cleaner Kitchen Vents, Healthier People

    Even if you managed to purchase the best grease trap around you will eventually need to clean it. A Professional cleaning companies only do cleaning all day long. That means they know where every speck of dirt, grease, and potential bacteria are in every corner of the kitchen. Even when your hard-working staff does their best to get all the grime out, it’s possible that they are missing things, or just plain don’t have the right tools to get it done.

    A professional can blast away all the grease and bacteria, leaving your kitchen sparkling everywhere, including places you never thought to look.

    Cost-effective kitchen cleaning

    Time is money. Losing your business or being forced to shut down for cleaning due to a poor review from the health department. Neither can you afford to shut down for long periods of time to keep the kitchen in tip-top condition. A fast and thorough cleaning will earn back it’s cost through your restaurant staying open and serving hot fresh food that much longer.

    Deep cleans of your kitchen should be done several times a year. If your kitchen is particularly dirty, the first time getting your kitchen cleaned may take longer, but after this deep cleans should finish relatively quickly.

    The result is a sparkling kitchen you can be proud of, and a facility worthy of the food you work hard to put out for your guests every day.

    Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

    All I can say is these guys are the real deal and they are a pleasure to work with. Their service is great. Their team comes off as happy and well trained for the services they provide. Thank you guys!

    David Frank

    They did a wonderful job with my air duct cleaning. They pointed out that my furnace didn’t even have a filter which is somewhat why it got so dirty over the years so they took assessment to propose which size to get. Why not come here again and again?

    Michelle Clark

    The personnel was incredible. They were able to book me at the last minute to meet a special need. The specialists were consumate in clarifying what they were going to do, what they discovered and remediation strategy. They kept a clean work area and comradely throughout!!

    Sean Murphy

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