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Philadelphia Commercial Cleaning Company

1. Covid-19 Sanitizing

With the outbreak of COVID-19, now more than ever it is vital to maintain a disinfected and hygienic environment. Our unique cleaning solutions at Chute Plus contain chemicals that are now known to kill the COVID-19 virus. Kitchens, lobbies, plus all commercial and industrial centers in and around Philadelphia are at risk for the spread of coronavirus. Our experienced team will safely disinfect any areas which have come in contact with groups of people to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Trash & Linen Chute Cleaning

Chute Plus is the top cleaning firm for urban trash chutes. Our team has top of the line equipment and techniques to break down all grease, oils, and food that remains in a trash chute. If not properly cleaned the result is a foul order, bacteria, and a breeding ground for insects. No matter the size of the residential or commercial buildings Chute Plus can get your trash chute back to new conditions.

Additionally, we can clean linen chutes. In many facilities there is a build-up of food and oil from kitchen linens and these chutes, although sometimes neglected should have their annual cleaning as well.

3. Dryer Vent & Exhaust Cleaning

Dryers that constantly run collect and dispose of lint and fabrics throughout the exhaust and vent system. This build-up not only leads to a less efficient dryer, and consumes more electricity but can even be a fire risk. With a quick cleaning with the proper tools and supplies our team can inspect and clean the entire exhaust system and vents used by the dryer.

4. HVAC & Duct Cleaning

In Philadelphia, with the hot and humid summers it is vital to have a functioning HVAC system. But the duct system often accumulates dust causing allergies and bacteria which can affect those with asthma and other breathing disorders. At least once a year it is best practice to have the HVAC and duct system cleaned by a qualified cleaning crew.


FAQ: Philadelphia Commercial Cleaning & Building Maintenance Company

Is Chutes Plus Licensed for cleaning services in Pennsylvania?

Yes, with many clients and operations in and around Philadelphia we are permitted to operate in the state of Pennsylvania

What are your hours of operation?

Call us to make an appointment today, 7 days a week we make service calls and are open for business.

My trash chute is small, can I clean it myself?

Even for small trash chutes it is safest to hire an experienced team to come clean. There is the use of chemicals and working in dangerous conditions where the workers need proper training and experience as we provide at Chute Plus

Why should I hire a chute and vent cleaning company?

Experienced companies like Chute Plus know the proper methods and techniques for specific jobs. Our workers are responsible and properly protected, and they use the correct tools with the correct chemicals to leave your building spotless.

How long does it take to do a proper commercial cleaning?

This depends on the areas that require cleaning and the size of the building. We clean chutes, HVAC and dryer exhausts, commercial kitchens, and many more. Most of these can be done in less than a day and often only a few hours.

How much do building maintenance and commercial cleaning cost?

Each one of our services costs different amounts depending on the size and intensity of the cleaning.  Some things like trash and linen chutes are charged by the floor, while others depend on the task. Call us today so we can discuss your cleaning needs: (215) 867-5995.

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