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ChutePlus proudly sells and repairs all hopper doors for your trash chute. In New York City our team is the most experienced and lowest cost in the industry. Our team can repair or replace any hopper door no matter the size or condition. When you hire ChutePlus you have the peace of mind that the job will be done correctly the first time.

We not only service all areas in NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, & Long Island) but we have expanded into Pennsylvania (Philly), New Jersey, & Connecticut. For all apartment buildings and office buildings that have hopper door issues, we are the top-rated service company for you.  If you need custom parts or custom sizes, don’t hesitate to ask, we have worked with every hopper manufacturer there is. Call us for a free quote.



Hopper door FAQ:

How much is a new hopper door?

A trash chute hopper can range from about $200-500 USD depending on the size and brand.

How do I know what kind of hopper door I need?

Each brand has an ID or serial number usually located on the side of the door on the front.  If you are unable to locate it, the size and the direction the door opens (side hinge or bottom hinge) are the important factors.

How do I measure my hopper door?

A hooper door is always measured with the width and then height. This is very important to have the correct measurements for repairs or replacements.

Where are the hopper doors located?

A chute has 2 types of doors typically, the intake (the one you open to put the trash in located on each floor) and the discharge ( where the trach comes out of).

What is a hopper door made of?

Most hopper doors should be made of stainless steel for the ease of cleaning and safety reasons.

How can I clean a hopper door?

With proper precautions, such as gloves, masks, and protective layers over clothing, a hopper door can be cleaned with disinfectant chemicals, hot water, and a good scrubbing. For any serious cleaning jobs, a company like ChutePlus should be called.

How long does a hopper door repair take?

For electrical or mechanical issues or new installations, we can finish in less than a day. For an accurate quote, we will need to know the make and size of the hopper.

Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

All I can say is these guys are the real deal and they are a pleasure to work with. Their service is great. Their team comes off as happy and well trained for the services they provide. Thank you guys!

David Frank

They did a wonderful job with my air duct cleaning. They pointed out that my furnace didn’t even have a filter which is somewhat why it got so dirty over the years so they took an assessment to propose which size to get. Why not come here again and again?

Michelle Clark

The personnel was incredible. They were able to book me at the last minute to meet a special need. The specialists were consumate in clarifying what they were going to do, what they discovered and remediation strategy. They kept a clean work area and comradely throughout!!

Sean Murphy

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