Pest Control Exterminating Services

Pests cause health problems and property damage, protect your family and property with a monthly package. Here at Chuteplus we specialize in eliminating pests with our more intensive removal services. Pest removal includes: ants, fleas, flies, gopher, mosquitos, roaches, spiders, snakes, ticks and wasps.
Bed Bugs:
At Chuteplus, we know the best way to successfully combat bed bugs using the proper preparation to ensure quick and effective eradication.
Termite Control:
We remove Termites which can cause lots of damage. Our professionals can discover a termite colony before it becomes a problem, our technician will provide you with inspection and evaluation for termite control.
Bee Removal:
Bees can be dangerous when nesting near your home and business. We can safely remove a hive. Call us today for a free quote!
Rodent Control:
Rats and mice are dirty and can cause a large amount of damage and disease, especially when there are burrows and cracks near your building. Call us today for a free quote on Rodent Proofing services!

Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

All I can say is these guys are the real deal and they are a pleasure to work with. Their service is great. Their team comes off as happy and well trained for the services they provide. Thank you guys!

David Frank

They did a wonderful job with my air duct cleaning. They pointed out that my furnace didn’t even have a filter which is somewhat why it got so dirty over the years so they took assessment to propose which size to get. Why not come here again and again?

Michelle Clark

The personnel was incredible. They were able to book me at the last minute to meet a special need. The specialists were consumate in clarifying what they were going to do, what they discovered and remediation strategy. They kept a clean work area and comradely throughout!!

Sean Murphy

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