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As the weeks go by, several plans as well as guidelines are put in place to ensure the seamless resumption of activities at Temple University, Philadelphia. These plans include the reopening of in-person classes, amongst other projects listed by the institution.

These efforts have been led by Temple University President Richard Englert, who assured that plans for safe return are drafted, with the help of up to 150 Faculty staff and administrators. However, everything still depends on the actions of the Governor of Philadelphia Thomas Westerman Wolf, who is yet to move Philadelphia to the green phase.

Recently, these plans have taken a slight hit, as two persons tested positive of Covid-19. These positive tests have brought about concerns regarding resumption. There are likewise fears that in-person classes will cause an upsurge in cases. But amid tension, staff and students of Temple University are still optimistic. Luke Mattice, who is a junior, reiterated the seriousness of everyone at Temple University towards the control of the spread of the virus. The measures include testing everyone that opted for in-person classes. Students are also mandated to use face masks and hand sanitizers regularly after contact with surfaces. Glass shields are also used in reception areas to prevent heavy contact where social distancing might prove to be a problem.

There are also plans made to clean the entirety of the buildings and structures in the University, with the best Covid-19 Cleaners in Philadelphia sought-after for such task. However, with the various policies put in place, the University President Englert is certain on-campus activities will resume in the fall semester, which starts on the 24th of August.

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