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Out of sight, out of mind, unfortunately, is a saying that can wrongfully apply to many things in life. Your annual air duct cleaning is one of these things, where thorough cleaning is a requirement if you want to have a better airflow, better health, and fewer allergies, among other benefits. But since air ducts are enclosed and in the ceiling, many residential and commercial buildings, and even homeowners neglect or put off the cleaning for far too much time.

But with the proper knowledge of what are the signs of a healthy HVAC air duct system, you will quickly notice if your air ducts are telling you it is time for cleaning here in the 5 boroughs of NYC.

Rodents or Insects

Air ducts can be an ideal breeding ground, if unkept, for rodents and insects. In NYC there are mice that are often found in some of the larger residential buildings that have been neglected for years. The dark air duct vents allow them to live without disturbance for months or years. Insects as well, spiders, cockroaches, and more take advantage of the opportunity to nest, lay eggs, and then scavenge outside the vents for food as needed. If you are seeing or hearing creatures inside your ducts, or around your home or building, it could be a sign you need to call a local NYC HVAC air duct cleaner.

Mold and Mildew

We all know the perfect environment for mold and mildew to flourish; dark and moist environments. This is exactly why mold and mildew can start growing quickly in the ductwork, but they certainly won’t stop there. Mold and mildew have ways of finding their way into all the unwanted places in your property. It can cause weakened structure, get into the wooden or stone frames, and start leaking through the walls.

We would not be honest if we said the only fear is from the degradation of the vents and property, But even more important than that is your health. Mild and mildew are a leading cause in New York for asthma and respiratory diseases. And With everyone wanting to keep their immune system strong from Covid-19 it is even more important. If you or your family are having any breathing conditions or are feeling a weaker immune system there is a good chance the source of them is your HVAC air ducts


With Spring and Summer passed it does not mean that allergy season is over here in Queens and Brooklyn. With the Fall winds and weather change comes new pollens and pet dander. When your HVAC system pumps air through your whole house, especially after the heavy use in the Summer months, all of the allergens found inside your home and outside get sucked in and pushed all around. The filters or vents might catch some of it, but a superficial cleaning of the vent only scratches the surface. If you find your exterior vents are dirty, imagine how the inside of the ductwork looks. If you are finding yourself sneezing or with allergy symptoms it is a big sign that you need a professional to come to clean your air ducts.

You don’t need t guess if and when your HVAC air ducts need professional cleaning; Call the experts now for an instant quote, there is no property too big or too small:

ChutePlus LLC 75-25 141st Pl #777, Flushing, NY 11367 (347) 671-1083 https://www.chuteplus.com/