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This week starts the opening of the 2020-2021 school year here in NYC. Mayor Bill de Blasio started a program to bring back our city’s students in stages, starting with the youngest in Pre K and kindergarten who are with disabilities. This comes as a big relief for some parents especially in places where the coronavirus hit especially hard like in part of Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. But for other parents, they are worried about the spread of the coronavirus.

Many new requirements are being taken like wearing masks and social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus, and temperature readings to ensure that no student with a fever is attending school. 

There is however another pillar that should receive emphasis to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and that is proper disinfection and sterilization of the classrooms and schools where the students will be spending much of their time. Luckily there are some very highly rated NYC Covid-10 disinfecting services that specialize in exactly this service. 

It was found the virus can last several hours on hard surfaces, slightly less on fabrics and soft surfaces, and it can even remain air-bound after being coughed or sneezed out.  This is why professional and experienced cleaning company need to be hired for the public and private schools to sterilize all surfaces on a regular basis.

Mixtures of hand sanitizer made from alcohol work well on the hands and bleach is very effective at killing the virus in the bathroom and floors, but in an environment where children will be for long periods, bleach and strong chemicals might not be the best disinfectant to use on every surface.

That is why commercial cleaning companies like ChutePlus are using commercial grade EPA Approved Electrostatic sprayers to handle large surface areas. These sprayers are extremely effective in destroying the virus before it is able to spread.

The sprayers work by using an internal electrode that atomizes a special cleaning solution with water. These charged particles quickly adhere to surfaces reducing the disinfecting time by up to 50%. And since fewer chemicals and cleaning solutions are used there are no lasting smells, and dangerous for people that might come in contact with the surface.

EPA Approved Electrostatic sprayers can be used in the restrooms, cafeterias, classrooms, corridors, doors, lockers, virtually any surface in the school. The safety of our local children comes first, and as more and more students make their way back to school the disinfecting needs to be done at greater intervals. 

Day time professional cleaning crews and nighttime cleaning crews are able to handle the large part of school disinfecting. But it is up to the occupants of the school, mainly administration and teachers to ensure the surfaces remain clean. The upkeep of a sanitized surface throughout the day is possible and mixed with proper airflow, UV light, and filtration systems. We can help make our schools safe again.

If you need a professional and affordable Covid-19 cleaning service for your daycare, private school, public school, gym, or studio contact the experts:

ChutePlus LLC 75-25 141st Pl #777, Flushing, NY 11367 (347) 671-1083 https://www.chuteplus.com/