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A lead paint inspection in NYC is an important step in the process of buying or renting a home. It can be daunting to know what exactly to expect, but fear not! This post will walk you through each step of the inspection process.

1. When to schedule an inspection

During the house hunting stage, when you have found a home you are considering buying or rent is the ideal time to schedule lead paint inspections in NYC. The purpose of this is to see any major issues with the home’s landscape and understand how much a true assessment would cost. As a result of this, any significant defects in the homes can affect your decision even before you purchase them. Whenever you see a home advertised as SOLD AS IS, it’s definitely worth scheduling a home inspection. The cost of the inspection often falls on the homeowner but this can vary based on the housing market in NYC.

2. What to expect during the inspection

Your inspector will check the home to determine if there are any lead-based paint hazards or other issues. Using special equipment known as an XRF analyzer to determine if the paint has lead. Inspections may also involve taking paint chip samples, which are sent to a lab for analysis This can be done by walking through the home, climbing on the roof and checking the siding for lead-based paint, and doing a visual assessment of each room. The inspector will also check for lead dust, which can be found in window sills and carpets. 

The inspection can be completed in as little as a few hours and with professional lead inspectors in NYC like ChutePlus you can often get an appointment the same day or the day before.

3. The final report

The local lead inspectors will write up an evaluation of the condition of the house, including damage caused by lead. They’ll also give you information about how to repair any problems they find, and provide you with a written report. The next step is up to you. Lead is known to have adverse health effects and should be removed and replaced as quickly as possible. Even more so since lead is often in old paint which tends to chip off of the wall and the small particles accumulate in corners and on window sills. This can be dangerous for pets and humans alike. 

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