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Never has there been a better time to have a critical cleaning and overhaul of households and other structural properties. Ever since the escalation of the coronavirus, individuals have made it their call of duty to keep their hygiene at an optimal level, to prevent contamination. We have been through periods of self-quarantine and social distancing; Most of us have had to sacrifice our essential daily activities and vocations to combat the invisible enemy ravaging the planet. However, during the period of mandatory isolation, most people lost access to credible cleaning services. Many have resulted in learning one or two DIY tips to keep up with hygienic standards.

Nevertheless, since the gradual lifting of quarantine rules, civilians have the chance to return to their daily lives slowly. With that said, commercial structures and offices which have been left dormant require disinfection. At ChutePlus, we dedicate our time to making your transition into daily activities as easy and as quick as possible. Below, we would be giving a few hints on how to undertake certain cleaning practices, and best possible decisions to make when faced with a problem beyond your control;

Tips and Hacks for Ideal Property and Building Cleaning

These tips will serve as a proper guide to getting the best out of a bad situation. They are listed and explained according to the property in need of the overhaul;

Covid-19 Cleaning

This cleaning activity is now the most important of them all. Covid-19 sanitization can go a long way to ensure you do not come in contact with the deadly virus. But first, try and avoid the use of any cleaning agent that is unlicensed by health officials, and don’t use any self-introduced substance as cure either. Cultivate a habit of using gloves when handling these cleaning agents. Clean areas that you are likely to come in contact with frequently, to eliminate germs surrounding the region. For a better cleaning job, call a superior Covid-19 Cleaning Service to disinfect your home and, at the same time, give you safety tips on how to continue yourself.

Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning

The primary aim of cleaning your dryer exhaust is to prevent unnecessary clogging caused by lint. Every household is faced with this problem now and then, which makes it essential to gain knowledge about its mode of operation and maintenance process. First of all, disconnect the dryer from the power outlet to prevent shock. Then, unplug the exhaust from the dryer. Using an appropriate brush, wipe off the lint stuck on the sides of the exhaust. You can use a vacuum if possible. Then carefully connect the exhaust back to the dryer, and you’re good to go. If faced with more difficulties, it’s always a better option to hire a professional Dryer Exhaust Cleaning Service to solve any lingering issues.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys are always likely to be covered with dirt and soot from the fireplace. This dirt can pose a severe risk when left unchecked for a long time. Chimneys can be maintained through constant inspection and acting quickly when very dirty. It’s advisable to lay some cover beneath the fireplace before cleaning, to avoid messing up your living room. Use a proper brush and vacuum to clean the interior of the chimney. It’s also preferable to use a scrub brush and a cleaning solution like TSP in water to ensure proper soot removal. Rinse the chimney after scrubbing, and dispose of the dirt removed. You can also go for an experienced Chimney Cleaning Service to get it done without stress.

Trash and Linen Chute Cleaning and Repairs

The trash chute is one of the most important but neglected parts of an apartment or house. When left unchecked, an unpleasant smell will start emanating from there, and this smell can pose a threat to human health. If you decide to have it cleaned yourself, always ensure to wear a protective mask and gloves before commencing. It’s vital to use a strongly scented disinfectant to get rid of the bad smell coming out of the chute. With the use of a cleaning brush and disinfectant, clean off any debris stuck on the chute and the drawer. Rinse if done, and use an anti-bacterial spray in the trash compactor, as well as the drawer and handle. This process can help stop the growth of bacteria and mold in the trash chute. There is always the option of contacting a Trash Chute Cleaning Service to ensure your chute stays bacteria-free.

Grease Trap Cleaning

The grease trap can be a blessing for a restaurant owner when clean and functional, and a curse when left unchecked. Cleaning a grease trap can be a tricky project to embark on, especially if you’re new to it. Take off the lid of the grease trap carefully, and then check the depth of grease in the trap using a ruler. Once you’ve got an idea of how much grease is there, use a scooper to remove the grease. You can then use a scraper to remove the remaining grease stuck on the sides of the trap. Finally, rinse off with water and carefully cover the grease trap. Reach out to a credible Grease Trap Cleaning Service to get the job done if you’re unable to.

HVAC Ventilation and Duct Cleaning

A dirty vent can cause lots of breathing problems, as well as affect the smooth flow of air. These problems arise from the accumulation of dirt in the duct, as well as mold. It’s best to use a vacuum to remove the accumulated mold clogging the duct. Also, get rid of dead or decaying pests or rodents to stop the bad smell from circulating through the conduit. Contacting the services of a licensed HVAC and Duct Cleaner could likewise be your answer to this issue.

Floor Stripping and Wax Cleaning

It would help if you are diligent when stripping and waxing your floor, to prevent further damage. Also, know the specific solvents to use when removing, to avoid using a solution that is very harsh on your floor. Also, select a suitable stripper machine meant for your floor material. The same thing goes for waxing, except that you need to apply wax on a spotless floor with a suitable waxing mop. Proper ventilation is also required to aid quick drying. If you feel stripping and waxing is complicated for you, go for a Stripping and Waxing Service to get the best out of your floor.

Pest Control and Exterminating Services

Pests are very notorious disease vectors and can cause lots of problems when left roaming the house. However, you can start from somewhere to control its spread. One is making sure there are no cracks or holes in your home. Also, keep your garbage well covered, as it is known to attract pests. Make sure there aren’t any tree branches extending to any part of your house to prevent access to rodents. Additionally, keep your attic and basement well ventilated and spaced out, to eliminate hidden spaces for pests. For more professional work on getting rid of pests, reach out to a good Pest Exterminating Service nearby.

Grease Hood and Kitchen Cleaning

Leaving your grease hood unmaintained for a long time can pose a health risk. So it’s best to get it and your kitchen cleaned frequently. You can do this by using a degreasing solution and a suitable scrub to clean the grease attached to the hood. Remember to put on a pair of safety gloves to avoid getting any of the solutions on you. Alternatively, you can contact a superior Grease Hood Cleaning Service to handle it for you.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet stains frequently occur in every household. Taking care of it is a different matter. You can use either a powder solute or shampoo to get rid of the stain. Apply the agent on the carpet and let it dissolve the stain. Then scrub with a brush if you chose to use a shampoo, and use a vacuum to remove the solution. Finally, hang it to dry before installing it. You can also hire a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service to get the job done correctly.

Debris Cleanup and Trash Removal

Usually, after construction services, lots of materials and debris are left lying on the floor. To clean up after could be hectic, but not impossible. First of all, make cleaning materials available, such as brooms, big trash bags, hoses, scrub brushes, dustpans, etc. Pick the materials that are too heavy to be swept and put them in the trash bag. Use the hose after cleaning the area to rid the place of microscopic particles missed by the brooms and brushes. Tie them up and dispose of properly. If proven too difficult for you, call a capable Debris Cleaning and Trash Removal Service and save yourself the energy.

If you are looking for a licensed, reputable, and professional cleaning company to handle any of the Tips mentioned above, Contact ChutePlus LLC 75-25 141 pl Flushing, NY 11367 (347) 671-1083 https://chuteplus.com/ to make a reservation.