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A trash chute is simply a vertical pathway that guides trash to its eventual collection area at the street level or basement.  It is built on every building floor so residents can access the garbage chute to throw their rubbish away without necessarily having to go down to the basement.  The garbage piles up at the base of the chute, where an inbuilt mechanism crushes it into little blocks of refuse, which are then transferred to the garbage dumpster.  Residents always see a garbage chute as a foolproof place to dispose of trash; however, if the garbage chute is not well maintained and kept clutter-free, the consequence will not only create a fire hazard but also turns the environment into an ideal breeding ground for pests.

It is the responsibility of the building’s staff to keep the chutes clean and always in correct working condition; occupants also have a role to play in terms of cooperating with the laid-down instructions to ease the process of garbage Chute Cleaning.


Despite it being hidden from sight, the trash chute is as important to maintain as your public spaces and building’s exterior. This space can easily develop issues that can bother tenants and thus creating an unpleasant atmosphere to work in or live.

With time, as the trash chute is frequently used, some of the contents of the garbage will hit the walls of this chute and eventually coat the space with mold, bacteria and organic waste, such as decayed food. Accumulation of this leads to the issues below:

  • Poor air quality

Mold and bacteria in the trash chute can negatively impact the air quality of your building, and it’s not just the smell, the air too. The unpleasant odor makes it individually uncomfortable from passing the vicinity the trash chute is located.

  • Damage 

If overlooked, some trash chutes can start to show serious damage. Not only will you be dealing with odor and pests, but you’ll have to replace the chute, which is expensive, or inconvenience your tenants by making them undergo stress in carrying their trash downstairs.

  • Pests and odor 

The smell of rotten food and unsanitary conditions can attract cockroaches, flies and other insects. These can infest the trash chute and then move their ways to people’s condos, apartments, or offices. Majority of these pests are attracted by the bad odor coming from the trash chute.


Below are the measures a building manager always has to follow to ensure the trash chute is clean for healthy living of his tenants and the environment

  • Schedule regular cleanings

As a manager, it’s very paramount always to have a scheduled date to clean the trash chute irrespective of whether it is filled or not. Doing this regularly will ensure that the trash chute is always clean from pests and bad odor.

  • Educate tenants

Attaching a reminder board to the building will give both newcomers and old tenant a bit of guild on how to dispose of their trash chute properly to avoid littering of the environment.  Educating tenants about why using sealed plastic bags that won’t leak is important, as well as some risky items that should be double sealed, such as kitty litter. They must know that complying with these rules will keep out cockroaches and terrible odors out.

  • Clean the trash room

It is not just the trash chute that needs to be cleaned; the entire place where the trash chute is placed should also be taken care of to avoid any littering of trash from the trash bag.

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