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Best Kitchen Hoods

Commercial kitchen hoods are readily available in the market. Picking the best from the lots could be a job on its own. Kitchen hoods are expensive, and therefore you can’t afford to buy one that doesn’t suit your kitchen, only to later get another. The best hoods give your kitchen that professional look. Since hoods are the last thing on the mind of most people, they generally end up choosing models that don’t match with the kitchen needs. So, it is better to invest energy and a little time in picking the best hood for your restaurant kitchen now.

With the growing need for hoods in restaurants, one vital thing to note is that kitchen hoods should be properly cleaned regularly. You might as well hire the services of trained professional restaurant kitchen hood cleaning to get the best result.

Why You Need A Kitchen Hood

The very best restaurant kitchen hoods should be able to contain and remove the smoke and fumes coming out of the cooking range and quickly exchange with clean oxygen, thus keeping the kitchen free of harmful gases. It should also be able to trap grease to prevent it from being deposited all over your kitchen. However, besides the primary role of reducing the cooking smells, heat and condensation by extracting them outside. The commercial kitchen hood can also play the following roles accurately.

  • Lowers risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Provides extra to your cooking area
  • Helps in keeping the kitchen clean
  • Controls the kitchen temperature
  • Leaves you unbothered about the smoke detector going off
  • Increase in general property value

Essential Tips For Buying A Restaurant Kitchen Hood

The following steps would help you choose the perfect kitchen hood for your commercial restaurants. Save money in the long run. Choose the right hoods.

Budget And Cost

Before you hit the market in search of a reliable kitchen hood, you need to have a budget. You should factor in the price of acquiring the hoods as well as the cost of installation. Some common factors can influence the cost of any hood. More prominent hoods cost more than smaller ones. Those with added features or with more sophisticated designs and functions will cost higher likewise. The type of your choice hood can also influence the direction of your budget. For instance, if you got your eyes set on the island and wall mount hoods, your pocket needs to be full of gold. The under-cabinet vent hoods are generally more affordable.

Your Cooking Schedules

Basically, most restaurant’s kitchen hoods are always labelled as either type 1 or type 2. You might have come across such designations while trying to look up for hoods for your kitchen. What does this labeling connote? What difference does it really signify? Well, these designations are subject to the cooking that you intend carrying out. Put it more accurately; it revolves around your cooking schedules. The type 1 hoods from its built come with a fire prevention system, and it’s meant to be liquid-tight. If your restaurant deals more with frying, broiling or grilling or any form of cooking that involves the eruption of gas and spread of grease, the type 1 hood is your best bargain. If your kitchen duties are centered on baking or streaming that gets only heat and possible moisture as output, the type 2 hood is all good for you.

Power Ratio

The power ratio of your hood determines its efficiency. The amount of smokes and fumes removed from your kitchen is expressed as cubic feet per minute (CFM). Factors that rightly influence your choice of a hood for your commercial kitchen include the heat, smoke and grease produced by the cooking appliances you’re using, as well as the type of foods you are working with. As it’s expected of most restaurants to involve in tons of steady cooking or even frying, you need not be told that a vent hood with a high power rate is the best investment. Although there are recommended CFM for restaurants, getting a recommendation from an expert will be in your best interest.

Style Of Ventilation

With the basic design of the kitchen hood been the duct and ductless hoods, the duct vents move air outside while the ductless gets to recirculate all the air that it traps by hiring the assistance of filters to remove the smokes and fumes. Although the ducted hoods may seem like the best alternative, they’re more complicated to install and will cost you more upfront. If you opt for the ductless makes, have it at the back of your mind that you will require the services of your local kitchen hood cleaning company frequently. Of course, your ducts need to be cleaned and maintained periodically, that’s where a  restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services come in. But the urgency will increase with a ductless vent kitchen hoods.


The next vital point worth considering while shopping for a hood for your commercial kitchen is the physical size of the hood. The right hood size should be able to capture your cooking appliance area. It should complement the surface area of your cook top. Aside from accurately covering your cooking top, it should extend a little beyond the region. This is generally considered best as all smokes and fumes will be effectively caught in the hood without having to escape to other parts of the kitchen area.

Other killer points that you should arm yourself with to land the best hood for your restaurant kitchen include the ease of installation, ease of cleaning, the aesthetic appeal, fan speed, noise, and finally, the added features.

Getting the best kitchen hood for your restaurants will certainly involve a little work on your part. You don’t need to go through the process alone. Aside from buying the best hoods, cleaning and maintenance are also vital as it can impact the lifespan of your hoods. For the best building maintenance service in NY, contact ChutePlus LLC 75-25 141st pl #777 Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 683-5445.