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Garbage discharge systems are used every day around the world by millions of people. Aside from the glaring benefits of this system, most people are yet to fully grasp how it works and the best way to keep them clean at all times. Perhaps, we only take cognizance of this when it’s broken. It is therefore very pertinent to know a few essential technical details about chutes, its constituent parts for a more effective cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning the trash chutes could be an overwhelming task. As a building manager, been fully saddled with the knowledge of the best trash chute cleaning process could be a big plus to your portfolio. Needless to say, the best chute cleaning process lies in first, been fully acquainted with the parts and how it functions. Every building manager truly needs to have an effective chute maintenance culture in the bag, as their tenants deserve a clean and safe home.

Knowing The Chute System

The garbage chutes, also known as hoppers, is a pretty good way to get rid of tons of bulky, smelly trash away. The chute is used to drop rubbish down to a basement incinerator, where it would be burned.

The first important thing that you need to understand about the trash chutes is that they’re made in a very secure way. For instance, the fusible link, a component of the chute system, works to tightly keep the doors sealed once there’s an inferno in the chute. Although you can say that the idea of a fire igniting a chute is so awkward, you can’t overrule the possibility.

Also, relative to chute repairs and replacement, most times, it is not advisable to replace the entire discharge system. However, if the building is an old one, buying individual components can save you a good chunk of money, but in the long run, going for a complete system will definitely pay off. There are many types of garbage chutes available in the market; perhaps, a chat with a trash chute cleaning and maintenance professional can help you narrow down your choices.

Finally, the ultimate thing every building manager must know about garbage chutes is that they need to be cleaned regularly. Your trash chute is the perfect habitat for mold, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. Failure to maintain a good cleaning culture can lead to so many health hazards to the building occupants. The very unpleasant odor from the chute can make its way to the apartments, making the occupants prone to airborne bacteria.

Chute Cleaning Facts

Chute cleaning has its process and procedures. Chute Cleaning and disinfection need to be performed regularly by a professional chute cleaning and maintenance company. Aside from the benefits of improved air quality, there are several things to benefit from having a clean and swell maintained trash chute.

Procrastinating the chute cleaning process can get insects drawn to the chute, which can increase the risk of infectious diseases. The chute cleaning process is not just about pressure cleaning. The process also involves the use of safe and approved chemicals. Using toxic substances to clean can pollute the air and adversely affect the residents.

As a building manager, you have to ask every Chute cleaning Company about their cleaning procedures and patterns. Any good cleaning company first conducts a floor-to-floor evaluation and visual inspection to identify any potential problems, before engaging in the cleaning proper.

Chute cleaning is a specialized process. The use of chemicals and a high-pressure water system all come to foreplay. For a more effective cleaning, oils and degreasers, rotating nozzle (which are severally passed through the chute walls), sanitizer, and odor-neutralizing agents that don’t have any side effects are employed for the service. Chute cleaning is supposed to be carried out with the best cleaning practice that will guarantee the safety of all the residents of the building.

The Benefits Of Having Your Garbage Chute Cleaned

  • Prolonged longevity of the chute, as trash build-up can cause expensive damage
  • Improved air quality by eliminating the unpleasant odor
  • Curtailing mold, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms’ build-up in the chute
  • Inhibiting insects and pest infestation
  • Improved health for in-residents
  • Reduced risk of fire

Chute Cleaning Guidelines

The responsibility of the whole chute cleaning lies heavily on the shoulders of the building managers. Regardless of that, residents or tenants of the building still have an important role they ought to play towards ensuring a clean and proper working chute system. The building occupants have to show full cooperation with the laid-down instructions and guidelines. Sticking to these guidelines makes for an easier and less expensive trash chute cleaning process. All building managers should strictly enforce the following guidelines.

Proper Bagging

All trash items that are thrown down the chute should be properly tied and bagged. Proper tying and bagging ensure that the trash materials don’t get stuck in the chute or spill over the chute walls. If there’s any evidence of leaks in your garbage bag, please leave it and go for another one. If liquids have leaked out from the bag, be considerate enough and clean up the mess, as this not only keeps the chute clean but also free from foul smells and pests.

Handling Large Items

Large or much longer trash items are not to be thrown down the chute. This large and extremely long garbage, when thrown down the chute, can cause blockage in the chute system, resulting from trash build-up and, ultimately, unpleasant odors. To fix this could be very expensive. The proper method for disposal of these large and long items is therefore optimal.

Ensuring Full Disposal

Every occupant of the building should be aware of the safety flap on the inside of the chute that may sometimes prevent lighter bags of garbage from going down the chute. If this should happen, all that is required is a gentle push to get it all going.

Whether you are a building manager or a tenant, the job of keeping the chute clean regularly is everybody’s responsibility as the implication can affect all as well. Employ the services of a proficient cleaning company. Let the residents stick to the chute guidelines, and the building will be grateful to you all.