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Tips to Identify If your Air Ducts Are Leaking

Leaked ducts are reason to various serious issues. A study shows, on average 10% of your air supply is leaked out on a monthly basis making it a top energy wastage source of your home. But detecting air duct leakage isn’t plain & simple easy. You need to be careful and observing in order to find out if there’s any air duct leaking or not. In this article we will discuss about four signs that will help you to identify if your ducts are leaking.

  1.       You monthly utility bills can be one way to tell if your ducts are leaking or not. We are not often surprised with our monthly utility bills. Because it always comes as per our expectation. But if you are often surprised with your monthly utility bills it might be a good time to do a thorough checkup of your air ducts. If your air ducts are leaking it push your HVAC system to work deep and harder to keep the air temperature at a comfortable point. In return to this situation your monthly utility bills might spike up.
  2.       Temperature fluctuation can also indicate that your air ducts are leaking. If you have a leaked air duct your conditioned air might escape and cause fluctuation in room temperature. So if you are experiencing fluctuation in room temperature it might be a good time to give a call to your nearest air duct cleaning service agency.
  3.       Low end indoor air quality: As the temperature might fluctuate due to leaked air duct, the amount of humidity might increase as well. If you feel humid in your indoor air flow it might be due to the leaked air duct.
  4.       Extreme Dust: Leaked ducts can pull in extra dust to your home and circulate it through out your home. So if you feel the presence of extra dust to your home it might be a good time to take a look at the air ducts for any leaks.