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Thanks to the excellent services offered by the pioneers in the building cleaning service industry, people’s trust have been earned, and the demand for an effective cleaning service is high in recent times.

But with the massive sprouting of many building cleaning services in NY, how can you get the best service company? Well, the “how” question has been answered. Chuteplus is one of the frontier building cleaning service company in NY and the tri-state area.

Our professional line of award-winning building cleaning services stretches out to New York and the tri-state area. Some of our noteworthy premium cleaning services we now offer in Long Island City, NY, 11101, 11120, 11109 include;

Coronavirus Sanitization In Long Island City, NY, 11101

Coronavirus has shown the entire human race how costly it could get if we treat it lightly.But with the gradual lessening of the once before severe restrictions, protecting yourself from this deadly virus will be much easier when you contact us for proper Covid-19 cleaning and sanitization.

Construction Cleaning And Junk Removal

For all the intensive cleaning that comes with getting a residential or commercial building ready for use, contacting experts for construction cleanup and debris removal service in Long Island City like Chuteplus will always make a difference.

Air Duct Cleaning

If you love to get an impactful and functional duct cleaning, doing it yourself or hiring just any local service team won’t give you the best result. Rather, hire professionals near you for your HVAC and duct cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers tend to accumulate lint more often. Failure to rightly get rid of these can put the safety of your home in jeopardy. Get the best in the dryer vent and exhaust cleaning in Long Island City today. Hire Chuteplus!

Trash Chute Cleaning

Due to the time and efforts put in place by top-notch building cleaning service companies like Chuteplus, getting effective trash chute and linen cleaning is much easier in NY.

Chuteplus is here for Long Island City!


Cleaning air ducts in case of rodent/insect infestation, mildew, or clogging of dust and debris ducts is always recommended, but small airborne particles can still be emitted from dirty ducts and end up contaminating an entire HVAC system. If the mold gets into moisture, mold can grow and mold spores can be released into the air. In these situations, it is very crucial to clean the ducts of your installation. Dirty ducts can become fertile ground for mold spores, bacteria and other particles, which can affect the quality of indoor air.

If your business is faced with a clogged duct problem and you need a duct cleaning service, what are you waiting for from the company? The following article offers a list of expectations so that you know how to check that your provider offers quality and credible service. Things that the duct cleaning service provider should look out for are as follows;


  •         Open all access doors and ports so that the entire HVAC system is inspected and cleaned. This gives enough room during duct cleaning and also helps to prevent any dirt being trapped in the system after inspection and cleaning.


  •         Inspect your heating and cooling system before starting to clean for any material that may contain asbestos. Materials containing asbestos must be removed by specially trained and equipped professionals and must not be agitated or disturbed. Asbestos, as known is a very toxic material and must be handled with the utmost care when being removed, to prevent breathing problems, allergies and even mutations.


  •         Use the proper suction equipment that draws particles out of the house, such as a HEPA vacuum cleaner. This is constantly preferred because it has high efficiency and suction abilities. Using poor suction equipment can still lead to remnants of mold and debris left in the duct.


  •         Take protective measures to keep carpets and household items safe during cleaning. In this case, precautions and pre-emptive measures are taken to make sure spores don’t end up trapped on carpets or any hidden areas in the living space. Most times, tarpaulins and other similar protective covers are used to cover most exposed areas of a living room before duct cleaning is carried out. Most preferably and a more effective approach, this furniture, and household items are taken out of the living space to prevent the chance of debris contact with them totally.


  •         When you come in contact with a brush in the ducts, use a contact vacuum cleaner at the same time to prevent the spread of dust and other particles. This is because, at any slight chance or any slight air, these particles can fly off the bristles of the duct brush, so it is more convenient if it is the negative air from the vacuum acting as the force on it.
  •         If you have fiberglass sheathing panels or fiberglass-coated sheet metal sheaths, use only soft-bristled brushes.


  •         Be careful not to damage the ducts, including sealing and re-insulating the access holes to ensure they are watertight.