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There’s never a building cleaning company that gets your home, office, or construction project to sparkle and glitter all-round than Chuteplus. From ceilings to floors, wall to wall, all hidden corners, and crawl spaces, our professional team of cleaners can reach those areas and get the job done.

If you’re in Kew Gardens, NY, 11415, then smile, because our award-winning line of building cleaning services is now at your doorstep. And for any of the following building cleaning services and much more, we are one call away.

Construction Cleaning

Your construction projects in Kew Gardens, NY, be it a commercial or even residential project, can still experience that gleam and glitter that comes with a thorough cleaning. Contact Chuteplus for top-notch construction cleanup service.

Duct Cleaning

How clean your air ducts are will tell on the performance of your HVAC system. It will also impact on your energy consumption rate and the presence or the absence of molds and other indoor pollutants. Enjoy the best HVAC and duct cleaning that you can get in Kew Gardens, NY. Call Chuteplus!

Coronavirus Sanitization In Kew Gardens, NY, 11415

With the gradual lessening of the Covid-19 restrictions, you may take the advantage to open your shop, office, bar, or any business facility. However, the Centers for Disease Control still maintain that you take action to keep your facility clean and sanitize. Our special Covid-19 sanitization program, now available in Kew Gardens, NY, is there for you.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Conditions like clogged dryer vents, which usually result from the inability to get the vents adequately cleaned, can lead to so many unpleasant situations. Let professionals clean your dryer vents and exhaust.

Trash Chute Cleaning

There’s absolutely no reason why your garbage chutes should be messy. The effects of having a filthy or unscrupulously cleaned trash chute are not one you’d like to enjoy. Call Chuteplus for a reliable trash chute and linen cleaning.

Chuteplus is here for Kew Gardens!



Duct cleaning is actually a misuse of language. In fact, the entire HVAC system needs to be cleaned up. Failure to clean all system components may result in further contamination of the entire system, thus minimizing the benefits of cleaning.

Just as you would not only clean half the floor of your living room, you would not want to clean just a portion of your HVAC system. NADCA recommends cleaning the entire HVAC system, including the following components:

  • Air ducts
  • Coils
  • Drainer
  • The registers
  • Grilles
  • Air plenum
  • Blower motor and assembly
  • Heat exchanger
  • Air filter
  • Air purifier

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning includes two key components: contaminant release and contaminant collection.

Break up contaminants in bulk

To properly clean HVAC systems, sources of contamination must be eliminated. Source removal begins with the use of one or more excitation devices designed to separate the contaminants from the surfaces within the heating and cooling system. Examples of excitation devices and equipment include brushes, air blowers, and air expungers or “skipper balls.” Stirring can also be successfully done by hand brushing or by contact suction.

Collection of contaminants

During the process of cleaning, the entire HVAC system is continuously put under aggressive negative pressure (vacuum) to reduce the spread of contaminants to a minimum. Continuous and constant negative pressure eliminates very fine and tiny particles from the system as they are blown away, and also making sure that they are not propelled into open living spaces when the system is turned on after cleaning and necessary disinfection. This hyper negative pressure is also used to extract and collect exposed contaminants and debris, which are trapped, collected and removed from your home.

Access to the system

Cleaning HVAC systems is not necessarily a complicated process, but every objective to be performed is unique. Where possible, direct access to the inside of ducts should be through existing orifices such as supply diffusers, return grilles, duct end plugs, and existing service openings. Cleaning experts may need to open holes that gives access into the duct to reach the interior with the specified cleaning tools. The creation of these service openings and their subsequent closure require technical knowledge and legitimate professional skills.

Equipment requirements

A vast list of operable equipment is available for HVAC cleaning experts. Portable or truck installed vacuum cleaners can be used to limit the rapid growth of contaminants and clean the system with respect to the laws of NADCA.

Antimicrobial chemicals

Antimicrobial chemicals may include anti-septic catalysts, disinfectants, and deodorants that can be in contact with non-porous surfaces of heating, optimum ventilation, and air conditioning systems to keep microbial contamination in check and in turn help to control odors. Only chemicals with the registration of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be utilized. These specific products should only be taken into account just after mechanical cleaning of the surfaces in contact, and if the need for such treatment has been deemed necessary.