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Yes, Garden City 11530, NY,is the deal! Chuteplus has again delivered on its promise of making the best building cleanup services much accessible to all Americans. Our remarkable professional line of building cleanup services have become better and bigger.

Residents and business owners in Garden City, NY, can now call us for any of the following services. We always deliver the best.

Construction Cleanup, Garden City 11530, NY

Getting a new or even renovated building set for business of any kind is not the kind of job you’d love to leave to just anyone to handle. All the heavy lifting and complete cleaning of all construction remnants till the building come sparkling inside out is what only a professional construction cleanup service like Chuteplus can achieve.

Garbage Chute Cleaning

The garbage chute has always been a bank for all forms of trash. At the same time, the chute systems can offload a great offensive odor to the building. It’s, therefore, safe to say that investing in complete garbage Chute cleaning is akin to other rudiments of healthy living.

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

How many times do I have to get my dryer vents cleaned? A lot of people ask that question, but what’s more important is the”who”that will do the cleaning job. As important as it is, cleaning of the vents is damage control measures. Always leave the task of dryer vent cleaning to the pro.

Coronavirus Disinfection

Formally, we get to disinfect our homes, offices, and business space cause of some certain germs or insects. This time around, the need is much severe, and this time around, only a well-trained sanitization team with the right devices are best fit to do the job.

Duct Cleaning

The code is, mess with your air ducts, mess with your oxygen. You won’t love to get to face respiratory illness all cause you fail to invest in your HVAC system cleaning.

Chutplus is here for Garden City!


Duct cleaning refers to the cleaning and disinfection of various heating and mechanized cooling parts of forced air systems, which includes supply and returns ducts, grilles, and diffusers, heat exchangers, warming and cooling coils, condensation trays, fan motor, and fan housing and the air handling unit housing.

If not properly installed, maintained and used, these components may be infected by dust particles, pieces of microscopic waste or other debris. If moisture is present, the tendency for microbial growth (e.g., mold) is increased sporadically, and spores from this growth can be released into the living space of the house. Some of these contaminants can cause allergic problems, or other symptoms in people who are in contact with them. If you decide to clean your heating and cooling system, it is crucial to make certain that the service provider agrees to clean and disinfect all components of the system and has the necessary qualifications to perform the job. Inadequacy to clean a compartment of a contaminated system can lead to recontamination of the entire system, thereby negating the necessary importance. The methods of cleaning the ducts differ, although various means have been normalized by the industry associations related to cleaning the air ducts. Typically, a service provider uses specific tools to remove dirt and other contaminants in the ducts, and then vacuum them with a high-powered vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the service provider may propose the application of chemical biocides for the removal of microbiological contaminants, ducts and other components of the system. Most service providers are also likely to recommend the application of chemical-related treatments (sealants or other encapsulating agents) to encapsulate or cover the internal surfaces of air ducts and equipment housings because they believe that this will control growth of mold or prevent the release of dirt particles or fibers from the ducts. These practices still need to be thoroughly researched, and you need to be fully informed before you decide to allow the use of biocides or chemical treatments in your air ducts. They should only be applied, if necessary after the system has been properly cleaned of any visible dust or debris.

Knowledge of the potential benefits and potential problems of cleaning the air ducts is limited. The conditions of each home are different; it is impossible to determine if cleaning the air ducts of your home would be beneficial.

If no member of your household suffers from allergies, unexplained symptoms or illnesses, and after a visual inspection of the inside of the ducts, you see no sign that your air ducts are contaminated with significant deposits of dust or mildew (no musty or mildew odor and visible mold), cleaning your air ducts is probably unnecessary. It is normal for the return dampers to become dusty because dust-laden air is sucked through the grate. This does not mean that large deposits of dust or debris contaminate your air ducts; the registers can be easily aspirated or removed and cleaned.

On the other hand, if there are any unusual or unexplained symptoms in your family that you think is related to your home environment, talk to your doctor.