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In the US building cleanup service industry, Chuteplus is one stand out brand, renowned for offering the most customer satisfying cleanup service. We didn’t earn that reputation overnight; it comes from consistent dedication and passion in working towards delivering an outcome that will wow our customers.

We are much delighted to present the same premium services in Fresh Meadows 11365, NY. You can get any of our following outstanding building cleanup solutions in no time.

Debris Removal

You wish to get rid of those junks eating up valuable space in your home or office. But wait, they can be too tiresome and time consuming to deal with alone. Call friends? Yeah, they are too busy. Well, you need not get yourself worked up with the thoughts of having to deal with those junks alone, Call a professional junk removal company to take care of the onerous task.

Duct Cleaning

Your duct systems keep track of all the odors. Days turn to weeks and months and even years. This build-up turns into dust and other harmful microbes and comes back to hunt the overall air quality, leading to diverse forms of illness. We have the right devices and experience to get your ducts system cleaned.

Chute Cleaning

You already know that your garbage chutes can give out disturbing odors and insects to the building if they are not properly maintained. Effective Chute cleaning should consider the use of recommended chemicals and other essential cleaning devices. Only a professional garbage chute cleaner can afford it all.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

No matter how many Youtube videos you watch or amount of books to read on cleaning your dryers and ducts, you’d be far away from achieving maximum efficiency. It only takes a pro to run a dryer vent cleaning service effectively. It takes time and experience to attain to such a level.

Coronavirus Sanitization

Never let the fear of Coronavirus stop you from doing what you love to do. Call our specialist team and get your facility sanitized. Stay safe!

Chutplus is here for Fresh Meadows!

Beat the Allergies in spring with Clean Air Ducts

Spring is the season of freshness. After a long winter night spring is the season when all the colors are revived, flowers are re-bloomed. Spring air comes with the aura of freshness that mesmerizes the people and urges them to hold it dearly. But spring also comes with lots of allergens as well. It is one of the drawbacks of spring that startle people. Are you experiencing poor air quality within your home and encountering allergy symptoms? Then you should give a call to your nearest air duct cleaning service agency Fresh Meadows NY and have a look at your air duct system by them.

As the amount of air flow increases during the spring season, it brings lots of allergen and other pollutant substances along with the air. So during the spring season your home can be stuffed with lots of pollutant substances along with allergen that might make you or your family members sick. Let’s see what type of pollutant substances can be found in air during spring season:

  •         Pollen
  •         Pet feathers
  •         Dust Mites
  •         Dander
  •         Fur or feathers
  •         Mold Spore
  •         And many more

If your home doesn’t have air exhalation system it might make things more difficult. In that case polluted air will come in and sucked in by your HVAC system and recycled back to your house. And this system might lead you to worse type of allergy attack. So what might be the solution to secure a healthy air flow system during the spring season?

The simple and plain answer is “Duct cleaning”. As we have mentioned earlier that through the HVAC system polluted air is cycled back to your house and in the process dusts and other pollutants settled down in your duct or vent. So cleaning your duct in regular basis can be a huge solution which will allow you to enjoy clean and healthier air flow during the spring season.