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Cleaning Services

Flatbush, NY Duct, Dryer Vent, Chute & Construction Cleaning

Again and again, Chuteplus keeps delivering the most thrilling building cleanup services you’d love to see. Our award-winning line of building cleaning niche has opened doors to us in many parts of the US. We are much pleased to make these excellent services more accessible to the people of Flatbush 11226, NY, and its immediate environs.

Now, all businesses and residents of Flatbush, NY can gain from any of our following reliable building cleanup services;

Construction Cleanup And Debris Removal

Got a new office or warehouse that you need to get cleaned up before it goes into official use or you’re moving into a newly built or renovated home, never hesitate to call us for thorough construction cleanup and junk removal service. You’d be pleased by the result!

Linen Chute And Trash Cleaning

There’s nothing wrong with throwing garbage down the chute. After all, that’s what its there for anyways. It could only be more disturbing when you neglect to hire the services of a professional chute and trash linen cleaning crew to get your chutes cleaned.

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

That it will never go down too well with your home if you forget to get your dryer vents cleaned never equate to the fact that taking the job head-on is the best option. Let those with the experience and right devices in vent cleaning do the task for you.

HVAC Cleaning

High energy bills, poor air quality, and not up to par performance from your heating, cooling and ventilation system is all clear indication that it’s high time you got them cleaned. HVAC system cleaning is a good maintenance culture that needs to be upheld.

Coronavirus Sanitization

The news of the effects of the pandemic is everywhere. It’s no news again. To stay safe in this period, you need to consider sanitizing your office or workspace as you maintain the social distancing directives.

Chutplus is here for Flatbush!