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Most people get bewildered upon selection of the type of equipment that is needed to aid in a proper duct cleaning process. And most times, these are people that will like to make duct cleaning part of their profession.

Therefore, we will be focusing on two major types of duct cleaning equipment, namely;

  1.   Negative Air Duct Cleaning Systems
  2.   Rotary Brush Air Duct Cleaning Systems


NEGATIVE AIR DUCT CLEANING SYSTEMS: This type of system typically relies on a huge and powerful vacuum of about 2000-3000 CFM (cfm is a standard measure of air movement) that connects to the conduit. The operator will usually cut an access hole in the pipe and connect the vacuum cleaner. Performed correctly, the operator will block areas along the duct with bladders (inflatable balloon type elements) to create a vacuum in some parts of the duct. The vacuum cleaner then sucks debris, dust, etc. to the negative air machine. Many operators use an air compressor to help remove dust and dirt. They blow air at the other end to create a “tornado” effect. Some operators will combine the advantages of the rotary brush method (as mentioned below) with negative air and will use a brush system to clean the ducts and the negative air machine to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Negative air systems are suggested for heavy commercial and industrial jobs. These large jobs usually contain huge ducts that a rotary brush method cannot clean effectively. Heavy work usually requires a powerful vacuum cleaner (Negative Air Machine) to remove debris from the ducts. That said, the negative air method is not generally the popular method for residential and light commercial jobs. Also, the material is too big and bulky for residential and light commercial work. Also, the rotating brush system generally does a better job than the negative air method used alone on a smaller normal sized conduit.

ROTARY BRUSH AIR DUCT CLEANING SYSTEMS: This type of system includes a rotating brush that cleans the ducts and a vacuum cleaner that removes dirt, dust, and debris that the brush cleans out of the duct. This type of system is popular for cleaning residential and light commercial air ducts. It can also be used in conjunction with the negative air method (mentioned above). The operator does not usually have to cut duct access with this method. The operator inserts the brush and vacuum into the duct using an existing vent opening. The operator pushes the brush and vacuum into the duct to “clean” and “extract” dirt, dust and debris. Note: It is highly recommended that the rotary brush method be used for residential and light commercial applications.

Now, here’s the thing: There are many cleaning systems for rotating brush air ducts on the market. Be sure to search for applicable systems. There are differences that make some systems better than others. For example: on many systems, the brush is directly attached to the suction pipe. How are you going to transform the ducts with a big suction pipe? If you choose the rotary brush method, make sure to find a system that will be easily maneuvered into the duct. A system that separates the vacuum brush will allow more maneuverability. Remember that you do not get everything you want like Negative Air; you must have the ability to maneuver the system to clean all ducts.

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