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Bensonhurst, NY Duct, Dryer Vent, Grease Cleaning; Junk Removal

ChutePlus is proud to offer it’s one of a kind, professional building cleaning services, with lots of accolades to its tag, to the ever endearing residents of Bensonhurst, NY, and its close environs. Over the past couple of decades, we have made an extraordinary impact in the professional building cleaning service market, gaining a well-deserved reputation and experience that has added color to our glistering laurels. We have expanded our reach to provide unmatched services to the whole residents of New York, notwithstanding where you reside. Our scope also covers the Tri-state area. Call now for a free estimate.

We have been in the building cleaning service delivery for a long time, all thanks to our evergreen policy and dedicated team of staff and servicemen. Our professional cleaning services covers;

HVAC Ventilation And Duct Cleaning

The experienced hands of a duct cleaner service in Bensonhurst are all you need to get your HVAC running smoothly. This priceless home installation performs lots of functions that it’s periodic cleaning and maintenance is all you need to keep it up and running.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning of the Dryer system is so underrated by most homeowners until they are faced with the challenges that come with a clogged up dryer vents. Invest in your dryer system cleaning today, get fresher airflow in your home.

Grease Trap And Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Different cooking methods will surely leave patches of grease on your kitchen hood regardless of how careful you may be. Kitchen hood and grease cleaning service lest you get rid of these stains on your kitchen hood and get your grease traps or grease interceptors functional.

Trash Removal

Junk hauling company is always there to take care of any junk or trash that needs to be handled. Our trash removal service in Bensonhurst appraises the whole trash and carefully selects the ones that are not so necessary.

Chute And Garbage Cleaning

Our trash and linen chute Cleaner servicemen are well-grounded on the very best procedure to take care of all your chute cleaning needs. We are always one call away from delivering you the very best cleaning services.