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Bay Ridge, NY Duct, Dryer Vent, Grease Cleaning; Junk Removal

ChutePlus LLC is much delighted to present its reliable, affordable, and award-winning building cleaning services to the whole of Bay Ridge, NY homeowners, and property managers. We are the very best company you can trust to deliver that satisfying cleaning service ranging from dryer exhaust cleaning, duct cleaning, debris and junk removal, kitchen hood, and grease cleaning, and so much more.

We pride in delivering quality service that will put a smile on the faces of our clients. Working as a team, we have touched down the whole of New York City with our ever unique cleaning service and the great New Jersey and Connecticut Tri-State area as well. You can choose from our vast range of services including;

HVAC And Duct Cleaning Service

Years of cooking and odors can accumulate in your duct system, turning into dust and harmful microorganisms with time. This can eventually lead to allergies and respiratory illnesses. Our new duct cleaning service in Bay Ridge applies the very best techniques to rid your duct system of this unwelcomed guest.

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

Even though you might be able to remove some lint accumulate on your dryers, some dirt is only by the work of experienced Bay Ridge dryer exhaust cleaning service will it get off your dryer.

Grease Trap And Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Even with the very best grease traps installed, you will still need the services of a professional grease trap cleaner. Our Bay Ridge kitchen and grease cleaning outfit can blast away all the grease and bacteria, leaving your kitchen sparkling everywhere, including places you never thought to look.

Garbage And Junk Removal

Irrespective of your reason for getting piled up garbage or debris taken off from your home or office, you are guaranteed to have extra space with more sense of control and accomplishment once our  Bay Ridge Stuyvesant debris removal servicemen are done.

Trash Linen And Chute Cleaning

Trash does stick to the sides of your chute and may be near impossible to clean up. Leaving such to accumulate is a no better alternative as a professional chute cleaner is all it takes to deal with the bacteria buildup.