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Who Has A Clean Kitchen?

Your kitchen needs to be clean if you are going to prepare good food. Your grease traps and kitchen hoods should be cleaned regularly by a professional service. If your food is contaminated by stubborn residual grease you will receive complaints and that could lead to you being shut down.

Are You Breathing Fresh Air?

To get away from the outdoor heat you go indoors and turn the air conditioning on, You really don’t want unclean air being pumped into your house. To stop this happening, you should have your air ducts cleaned often. It is not just in the summer this will occur as your heating system warms the air that comes into your home through your air ducts. You don’t want to create a breeding ground for pests and pathogens.

Did You Take The Trash Out?

That communal external trash cute is great because you can easily get rid of your garbage. It makes your job easier but as the chute is not located in your apartment you might not take due care when disposing of your garbage bags. When they split it leads to your household waste being smeared on the walls of the trash chutes. Not only is this a fire hazard it is a health hazard too. Book a trash chute clean today and avoid the odor problems that can arise from accumulated dirt.