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Get Your Air Ducts, Trash Chutes, Grease Traps & Kitchen Hoods Cleaned Now.

We will repair whatever you need to be cleaned,  or serviced in your home, building or business.

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The Joy Of A Clean Kitchen?

Good food comes out of a clean kitchen. Get your grease traps and kitchen hoods cleaned regularly by a professional service. This way you avoid having your food contaminated with stubborn residual grease. You don’t want your kitchen closed down because people complain that your kitchen is dirty.

Clean And Fresh Indoors

To escape the heat outdoors you come in and put the air conditioning on, the last thing you want is unclean air being circulated in your house. In order to stop this happening, you should book a deep clean of your air ducts. It is not just in the summer this can occur, remember that your heating system warms the air that comes in via your air ducts. You don’t want to provide a breeding ground for vermin and bacteria.

Hygenic Disposal Of Your Trash

When you live or work in a large building the landlord or owner usually installs a communal trash chute for the disposal of your garbage. Remember there are many people on multiple floors also getting rid of their waste. A responsible owner will schedule a regular professional clean of these trash disposal chutes before foul smells accumulate and find there way back into the building. Regular cleaning of hidden dirt will lengthen the life of your chutes.