Ardsley-on-Hudson , NY

ChutePlus Offers Award-Winning Building Maintenance Services in the Ardsley-on-Hudson -, NY Area.

Get Your Air Ducts, Trash Chutes, Grease Traps & Kitchen Hoods Cleaned Right Away.

We will repair whatever you need to be cleaned,  or serviced in your home, building or business.

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Why Clean Your Chutes?

You know it is near impossible to do an effective job of cleaning your trash chutes unless you have the right tools. In most cases, you need a professional cleaning system to get rid of the debris that will have built up over time. Usually, a   chute cleaning contractor will also clean around the rubbish chute doors on each floor of your building, as well as deep cleaning of your garbage room.

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

Your air ducts are on the go all the time and their upkeep is vital. Keeping them clean keeps your home fresh. All sorts of debris can build up over time and slow down the efficiency of your home. You will create a cleaner environment with a reduction of airborne irritants. You should have a deep clean of your air ducts regularly to make sure your home is deep clean.

Why Clean Your Grease Traps

Well if you don’t clean your grease trap they will no long function and trap your grease. The last thing you want is the mess and smells that come with an overflowing sewer. If you leave this important job you are in danger of losing your business as there are strict guidelines regarding the disposal of grease. Schedule a deep clean as part of your maintenance cycle.