Ardsley, NY

ChutePlus Offers Award-Winning Building Maintenance Services in the Ardsley -, NY Area.

Get Your Air Ducts, Trash Chutes, Grease Traps & Kitchen Hoods Cleaned Right Away.

We will repair whatever you need to be cleaned,  or serviced in your home, building or business.

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The Importance Of Clean Chutes?

If your building and business are of importance then you will clean them regularly. When people dispose of their waste down those long chutes they don’t pay due diligence and those garbage bags may split leaving residue along the pipes. This is a fire hazard as well a s a breeding ground for vermin and toxins. So before it builds up book our dedicated team to come and clean.

The Need For Clean Air Ducts?

The need for clean air is more important in today’s busy world. After a busy day, we all want to come home to a house with clean air. So make sure your air ducts are operating to the max. Dust and air builds up in enclosed spaces so with a professional clean your system will last longer and be more efficient.

Why Clean Grease Traps Are A Necessity

Grease traps are vital to the cleanliness of your professional kitchen. They stop grease and other items from clogging up your waste disposal system. They certainly need deep cleaning often, without this your grease traps are a fire hazard. Not only are they a fire hazard they are also a health and safety risk. Remember to keep a record of your grease trap cleaning as required for your license.