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Who Cleans Those Ducts?

The simple answer is that responsible business owners clean their assets. With all the complexities of running a business, some jobs just get put on hold.

The trash chute that is attached to the entire length of your building needs regular cleaning especially if it can be accessed from each floor. Its cleanliness and efficiency are paramount to the health of your businesses. If foul odors enter the building productivity goes down as does the morale of employees. Furthermore, if there is a build-up of debris it is a hidden fire hazard. So be responsible and clean those trash chutes.

If you have a professional kitchen you should clean those grease traps. You don’t your business could be penalized or shut down. Cleaning it should be part of your regular maintenance cycle. It is important to book a professional cleaning team to remove any impediments to its flow. The last thing you want is a build-up of grease creating a serious health hazard that is detrimental to your customers.

Deep cleaning your air-ducts will have multiple benefits for everyone. This could improve the efficiency of your home’s system, resulting in prolonging the working life of the system.  There are some energy savings benefits to having a clean system as it should be more efficient.