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Maintain Your Building

Trash Free Chutes

People don’t often pay due attention when they dispose of their garbage. People want to get rid of their garbage quickly and so they don’t pay due diligence. This means that your chutes can be dirty when thin garbage bags are tossed down the chute and they usually tear. Debris quickly builds up in the chute and that can lead to revolting smells polluting your building. The only way to reduce the problems that inevitably follow is to hire a professional chute cleaning service.

Spotless Kitchen

Professional chefs know that grease build-up is a terrible hazard. It is prudent to have your industrial kitchen professionally cleaned to stop it from happening. Keep food preparation and washing sinks tied to a grease trap and make sure your trap is the right size. Encourage workers to remove as much waste and food solids as possible from equipment before you the daily cleaning of your grease trap.  Then find a professional service. Finally, make sure you log grease trap cleanings for code compliance.

Breathe Fresher Air

The air ducts in your house contain hundreds of particles and pathogens, dust mites and other bacteria that need to be cleaned. Regular cleaning your of air vents mean many of your building’s systems run more efficiently when the clogs are cleaned. With increased cases of asthma and other respiratory diseases, we are all looking for fresher air.