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ChutePlus Offers Award Winning Building Maintenance Services in the Alden Manor, NY Area.

Get Your Air Ducts, Trash Chutes, Grease Traps & Kitchen Hoods Cleaned Straight Away.

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Clean The Places That Can’t Be Seen

No Grease No Stress

Excess grease in any kitchen is an easy way to start a fire, which is why it is a priority to make ensure that grease is eradicated. Regular professional grease trap cleaning makes sure the grease is eliminated instead of spread around. This grease and makes your kitchen even more at risk of a grease fire. Giving your commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning to the experts will give you peace of mind, and save your business from a kitchen fire.

Rid Yourself Of Rubbish

We all know that dirty trash and laundry chutes are a place where insects, rodents, bacteria, and grease can pile up, especially during warmer summer months when temperatures rise. Regular cleaning removes foul odors in the air reducing any complaints that they cause. Clean chutes improve indoor air that may have been contaminated by harmful pathogens. Ultimately it extends the life of your trash chute and laundry chute.

Fresh Air Indoors

Did You know that Indoor air can be much more polluted than outdoor air? If you have a dirty ventilation system air cannot flow as freely, making the ducts work much less efficiently. A congested system can shorten the term of the air vent ducts. Regular air duct cleaning is an important part of your maintenance cycle.