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We usually don’t want to think about it, but death is a sad, unfortunate and sometimes traumatic time. We like to surround the idea with flowers and nice words of comfort but may never consider the stark details. The reality is that not all deaths occur in a sanitized hospital environment. Unfortunately, some deaths are sudden or even violent and gruesome, occurring as a result of a crime, suicide, accident, or from an elderly person passing at home, in a hotel, an apartment, or a car and sometimes left unnoticed for days. In these incidents, cleanup after a death is necessary.

Junk & debris cleanup after a death is not something that you can properly do yourself. It’s time to call in a professional who is licensed, bonded and insured to arrive wearing personal protection equipment PPE, and quickly able to properly remove all bio hazardous material, like blood or body fluids. Our clean teams carefully scrub, disinfect, and deodorize the area to restore it for safe use.

A proper after death cleanup might entail removing any furniture, flooring, or wall coverings that were exposed before beginning the process of scouring and disinfecting with commercial grade cleaning products to eliminate any potential virus or bacteria remaining. We then remove all stains using specialized and approved tools. Finally, we safely dispose of and transport all bio hazards in compliance with federal and state laws before a deodorizer is applied to remove any foul odors left behind. Now, the space that was once exposed to the grim reality of death is able to be used and lived in once again.

If you are in need of cleanup after a death, give us a call today as you will find an expert team of caring and compassionate workers able and ready to help.