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As the coronavirus pandemic reaches its third year with the fourth wave, the United States is experiencing an outbreak of 126,967 new cases per day — an increase from an average of just over 70,000 new cases per day just a few weeks ago.

Approximately every 1.5 to 3 days, the number of cases of Omicron doubles, according to the World Health Organization. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it will become the “dominant strain” in the coming weeks.

In New York specifically, there have been some worrisome reports coming out. First, New York is still recovering from the recent surge in the Delta variant which hit our city hard. Now with Omicron, authorities are ramping up precautions and testing. NYC  is opening eight new physical testing sites by Tuesday and 17 more mobile sites since access to early testing is an affordable and effective way to prevent spreading  This raises the total testing numbers to about 30 physical sites and over 93 mobile sites WIth over 12,000 positive cases in New York City and 22,000 statewide our citizens need to take the proper precautions.

Between Dec. 9 and Dec. 12 the positive rate of overall positive COVID-19 Omicron test doubled from  3.9% to 7.8% which is higher than the last year’s average and causing concern in many people.

In an effort to protect the city and to make safety even easier Mayor de Blasio has said that all residents will get a free at-home testing kid and KN95 masks

Although it has been talked about from all angles since the start of the pandemic, it is worth doing a quick overview of some recommendations to keep you and your loved ones safe until New York City ride through the 4th wave of Coronavirus, the Omicron Variant.

Here are 5 recommendations to get through the fourth wave 

  • Parties indoors should be avoided

We are in the holiday season so we know avoiding gatherings with family is really hard during this time but at least we all should get tested before the reunion to make sure we are not putting at risk any of our family members especially those who have a weak immune system

  • Keep your house and office clean

Parts of your home or office that come in constant contact with people need to stay clean and sanitized. This includes countertops, doorknobs, and staircase railings. The Omicron is airborne so keeping surfaces along with the air in indoor places is crucial for your health. NYC Covid Omicron disinfecting services work to make the sterilization process easy and affordable for commercial and residential locations.

  • Avoid flying

Flying is considered a higher risk activity since you are in a small enclosed area with many people breathing the same air for long periods of time. If possible avoid flying while Omicron is spreading in NYC

  • Wear a mask

Wearing a mask is one of the most affordable, simple and easy methods to protect yourself and those around you from catching the Omicron variant of Covid-19

  • Wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer 

Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds and using an alcohol-based hand sterilizer often can keep your hands clean from the virus and avoid spreading it to surfaces and to those around you.

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