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New businesses and new buildings are a sign of a thriving economy. We need new construction to replace old buildings that are either in danger of falling down, no longer appropriate for the area, or not efficient anymore. If you’re in the construction industry, you also know that putting up a building or doing construction isn’t the only important part of the business—keeping a tidy work environment is too.

Debris removal is a critical part of both construction clean up, and a host of other situations, such as cleaning up after a disaster. A good Junk removal & construction cleanup company can help keep the work environment neat and safe. While it may be obvious why you need someone to haul away the garbage after a job is finished, here are a few other surprising uses for construction clean up:


Removes Dust

One common factor all construction seems to have is a whole lot of dust. Dust gets everywhere, into everything. If you’ve been remodeling rather than creating a whole new building, that means dust has also gotten into your carpets, worked into kitchens and other surfaces, and will be breathed in by everyone who lives or works in the building.

Construction cleanup companies are experts at removing dusts, and they will dust everything. Blinds, carpet, window sills, windows, every corner will be inspected for dust and removed.


Special care for flooring

Heavy duty cleaning usually means heavy duty cleaners. Unfortunately, heavy duty cleaners can also reek havoc on flooring and other delicate materials. No one wants to pay thousands for brand new beautiful flooring, only to have it ruined right away by the inappropriate cleaning method.

Clean up crews are familiar with what works and what doesn’t for cleaning. They can clean the area thoroughly without ruining your new finish.


Outdoors too

With construction comes the debris left behind by construction. Broken boards, bent nails, the rubble from what has been removed. There’s no end to the trash left behind after a job has been performed, and this needs to be picked up and hauled away.

A cleanup crew can handle this too. Companies that also handle debris can haul away all the excess trash, and may even handle hazardous materials too. This is extremely useful, especially when construction is due to a natural disaster which has left a lot of debris that needs to be handled appropriately.

If you’re thinking about hiring a cleaning crew to help at a construction site, or even in your own home after a remodel, call and talk to the company directly about your needs. They will be able to let you know if the type of cleaning you need is within their ability, or refer you to someone if they don’t handle your particular needs.

Once you’ve found one that suits your needs, ask for referrals and check reviews. Don’t be afraid to call those referrals and ask questions, especially if they weren’t addressed in the reviews. Good questions include things like “Were they on time?” and “Were they professional and polite?”

Go with the company that works best for you, and enjoy the clean conditions left by a job well done.