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Whether you have new or old floors in your commercial property, taking care of them is a top priority. You can save costs in the short and long term, improve the safety of the premises, and they will look more professional when taken care of. But extending the life of your commercial floors is a multi-step process that requires research and proper attention and care. That is why we have created these guidelines to help you to extend the life of your commercial floors in NYC.

Know your floors

Knowing the type of commercial floors you have is the first step to knowing how to extend them. Everything that comes after this step is dependent on knowing what your floors are made from. Essentially there are 5 types of commercial flooring

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Laminate Floors
  • VinylComposite Tile (VCT)
  • Rolled Carpet
  • Modular Carpet

The care and cleaning schedule for each type of floor can be very different depending on its material

Know the conditions of your floors

Knowing the conditions of your commercial floors is the second step. This is especially important when determining if you can add an additional lawyer of wax to your floor or if it is better to strip and wax them.  Working with a professional floor cleaning company can help to determine the best action.

Choosing your cleaning supplies

Unfortunately, all cleaning supplies are not created equal. This is true for cleaning solutions and chemicals and also the brushes or machines used. In Many cases, even the “safe” choice, like an everyday soap, can leave your floor dull and older than ever.

Making a cleaning schedule

Making a cleaning schedule for your commercial floors is the final step (and following through with it. “Cleaning” is a broad term and includes everyday tasks like simply sweeping the dirt from the floor to tasks that are required monthly or quarterly, like grout cleaning, waxing and deep cleanings.

We are an experienced commercial floor cleaning company with years of experience working with retail, malls, hospitals, schools and more. Our team of experts can strip and wax floors in any condition and leave them looking better than ever!

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