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Cleaning of the air ducts is one of the pertinent process targeted at ensuring the relevance and efficiency of your HVAC system. Aside from the fact that this periodic cleaning can save you a lot in repairs and maintenance, it also improves the air quality in your home. Although duct cleaning is best reserved for professionals, the possibility of you getting your ducts cleaned cannot be overruled.

So, can you clean your air ducts? The answer is yes! To effectively carry out a DIY on your duct, you need to gain some vital information. So many methods and styles work perfectly fine in clearing debris and bags of dust from the duct. This, however, still requires even the minutest amount of knowledge base. Therefore, consider a DIY air duct cleaning a partial clean, but a very helpful one at that. Most air duct cleaning companies use chemicals like Biocides or Ozone to rid your ducts of contaminants. Such chemicals demand extra professionalism in administering it to the duct.

When And Why To DIY Clean Air Duct

There are numerous obvious reasons to carry out a DIY air duct cleaning in your home. It’s common knowledge that the HVAC system affects the air we breathe. Getting your duct system cleaned equates to keeping the heating and cooling system at the top of its game, guaranteeing steady excellent air quality around the house. The duct cleaning process involves the periodic replacement of air filters so that the trapped dirt can be properly disposed of.

As we speed ample time indoors, the air quality in the home is responsible for various breathing and skin problems. Failure to adequately tackle the untidiness of the duct system in the home can lead to headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, nose, and throat, allergies, sinus congestion, dizziness, and nausea.

Aside from the health implications you get to dodge from keeping your air ducts clean, habitual cleaning of the air ducts also makes air intake easier for the unit, so less energy is required during operation. This translates to reduced utility bills.

Tools You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

Bearing in mind that this is never intended to be a professional cleaning or take the full place of a professional air duct cleaning service, the tools you will most likely use to carry out a DIY cleaning is simple but effective. They include;

  • Furnace Filter

As I stated earlier, one integral part of the duct cleaning service is the replacement of the furnace filter. This furnace filter is where the mass load of dust is held. At the end of your cleaning, you need to replace this filter. Aside from replacing it, getting the best filter option that complements your duct system is worth considering.

  • Vacuum

Well, here comes the necessary tools. The Vacuum is an appreciable piece of equipment in cleaning. There’s no specific type or make that is required to do the job. Your typical house vacuum can effectively deliver in this capacity.

  • Brush

The hand brush, just like a toilet brush, is the right tool to kick tough specks of dirt off your duct. With a stiff-bristle like brush, optimum efficiency is assured.

  • Screwdriver or Hex Driver

To easily access your ducts, you need to loosen the grates before cleaning and tighten it back after cleaning. You will need these tools to achieve this. Most registers are kept in place by fasteners, a screwdriver or hex driver is the tool to undo this and also redo it.

  • Paper Towels

Paper towels come quite handy while carrying out dirt and debris removal from your HVAC system. It is highly recommended to use these towels in the cleaning process instead of your cloth towels.

How To Clean Your Duct


The very first and bold step towards getting your duct cleaned is knowing your duct. As there are myriads of air ducts all offered in diverse configurations, designs, and build, getting to know your air duct design and configuration can influence the whole cleaning process.


A workman is as good as his tools. Gathering and cross-checking all your tools is needful for the complete cleaning of your ducts. If all paraphernalia needed for the cleaning process is ok, then you as good as done.

  • Cover Your Supply Vents

Using a paper towel or any airflow resistance and inhibiting material, cover all possible openings that can supply heated air to the rooms. This mitigates the circulation of dust and contaminants from room to room.


Once you kick start your air duct cleaning operation, on your fan using the Fan Only’ mode. Also, turn off the “heat/cool” mode. The fan aids to push off the loosened dust.


One of the duct cleaning precautionary measures is to ensure that your furnace filter is in place. The furnace filter helps retain the loosened dust particle, avoiding the risk of getting the dust all back to the HVAC system.


Using the brush, knock off any sign of dust or dust accumulation in the duct. Irrespective of the build of your HVAC system, go as far as possible in getting rid of the debris.


Here comes the duty of the vacuum. Using your simple vacuum, more recommendable, the shop-vac style vacuum, tackle all appearance of dirt, dust, and contaminants in your supply vents.

  • Clean Grate Covers

Using the screws, loosen your grates, and utilizing the brush, get the covers clean, as well as the grate cavity.


To do this, you need first to turn off the fan and switch off the furnace via the service switch without turning off the thermostat. Use the vacuum to get rid of piled up dust in the blower compartment.


Bottom Line

Regardless of the design and structuring of your air duct or how meticulously you carry out the cleaning or the equipment you use, there are stretches of ductwork that are hard to reach. Even at that, you can’t fully discard all the dust, dirt, and contaminants build up. That’s the more reason you should seek the services of local Queens, NY Duct Cleaning.