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It is normal for building site workers to litter materials in the environment without concern when the building is under construction, the number of materials disposed then piles up and before the end of the building contract, the contractors would wonder when they disposed of a large amount of waste. The disposition is not always placed properly by the workers simply because all their attention will be focused on getting the exact measurement on the quantity of building material or being focused and determined to meet up the purported time in which the building is scheduled to be in use. Large accumulations of these junk can’t be discarded by the workers themselves as extra apparatus and skill are needed most times in handling this job, irrespective of how easy removing junk might look like and sound to people.  Construction cleanup companies remove the large debris; these companies specialize in building cleanups; they are trained and equipped with different tools to ease the process for them.

The reason why Construction Debris Removal is needed

In the construction site, demolition is always part of the construction process to some extent. Plastic packaging and Paper, broken nails, broken tiles, lumber and leftover scraps of drywall, all the trash accumulates to a big junk in the site. As a homeowner or contractor, you will need a junk removal services to keep the worksite clean as you go and upon completion.

Problems with Construction Debris

  • Injury and property damage:

Unnoticed Sharp objects and heavy loads create risks to people and property. These objects are seen littered on the ground of the construction site, regular cleaning of the site by debris Removal Company will eliminate the threat which these objects pose.

  • Clean worksite:

Keeping the work site clean by the workers is hardly achievable. This is one of the reasons the site contractor has to opt for junk removal companies to get the site cleaned up at regular intervals.

  • Hazardous materials:

Cleaning of hazardous materials needs professionalism, materials that are coated with intoxicating chemicals are hazardous, dust from removing old building structures, Treated wood, aerosol cans, paint buckets, lead pipes, and many others are an example of where the hazardous chemical scent can be gotten.


Making a definitive choice from the endless junk cleaning companies around is a crucial task indeed! The entire process involves properly disposing of the unwanted clutter evacuating and handling, which is cumbersome. Thus in choosing a company to entrust in doing this, here are a few points to consider.

  • Reputation

This is the first-factor people ought to look out, the reputation of a company matters a lot as it is the first driving factor to secure customers. Thus people trying to work with a new company are always advised to find out the review of the company from people that made use of their services. Getting a positive review from different people confirming the company’s pedigree, only then can he/she agree that the said company is eligible to handle the contract so long as they can remove the type of debris in the construction premises.

  • Services

It is paramount to clarify in advance regarding the types of services that will be covered under the given price quotation. A lot of companies offer flexible options and charge solely for the services rendered. For example, if the contractor is willing to pack and load the junk in the truck and the junk removal company work is to dispose of the junk, then the company should charge only for disposing and not loading.

  • License and Certification

Contractors should beware of amateur companies that are easily found in many areas. These companies give unbelievable discounted prices for their services; their high reduction in price may be because they follow unethical practices, which include dumping the junk in unauthorized areas. The last thing a contractor would want is to be blamed for illegal-disposing practices by the authorities, as these companies don’t always have reliable contact information or address.

  • Insurance

This is another extremely important factor to consider. While carrying on a heavy-duty task such as cleaning up junks in large construction companies, the company must be covered with auto insurance, general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, etc. The contractors should look out for this because it is crucial in case of any damage or unfortunate accident that occurs during the debris cleaning process.

Services offered by junk removal companies

Junk/debris removal has its type, every junk removal company have their area of specialization, a contractor must check out if the debris removal company he intends to give the job are competent in that area, below are various type of junk removal.

  • Residential junk removal
  • Commercial junk removal
  • Wood and metal removal
  • Property cleanout services
  • Yard debris removal
  • Appliance recycling and removal services
  • Trash removal services

In conclusion, a slew of things are done during a professional construction cleanup project. The contractors hired will remove all debris from the construction vicinity, including any large pieces that would be impossible to move by the building workers, as well as thoroughly clean the windows and floors. They will also perform a basic cleaning job like wiping down, mopping up and otherwise making the building sparkle and shine. Once they are finished, a really good junk removal company will instruct its workers to do a final walk through the entire cleaned building to make sure nothing has been missed. If this last inspection passes, then the job is done.