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Spring is the Most Optimal Time to Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts: Here’s why

After a cold winter season, New Yorkers are anticipating opening their windows and allowing the warm spring air to fill their homes. During this time, many people feel the need to clean every inch of their homes (hence the term “spring cleaning”). While dust can accumulate on surfaces inside the home, there is a fair amount of dirt hiding inside HVAC and air ducts. Getting your air ducts routinely cleaned every two to four years is an essential aspect of home maintenance. Here’s why you should schedule your duct cleaning for this spring season:

You are not using your HVAC system as often in the spring

            Using the heat all winter does not give your HVAC system much opportunity for a break. In the spring, temperatures warm up just enough to not need the heat or air conditioning in your home. This makes it the ideal time to get your ducts cleaned. The system will not be in use and it is a good chance to make sure the air ducts are clean & dust-free when the cool air needs to run through them. 

Dust Accumulates Most in Winter

            Winter is the season in which most people are home. It is cold and miserable outside in New York so individuals tend to spend most of their time indoors. Humans are responsible for a portion of the dust inside their homes, so naturally the more time you spend indoors, the more dust there will be. Without opening the doors and windows to allow fresh air inside, the ventilation needs refreshing, which is why a duct cleaning is optimal in the spring. 

Prevent Summer Mold

            New York’s summers can bring about a good deal of humidity which can settle in your air ducts and lead to mold. Duct mold can become a serious problem if left untreated for too long. If you have clean ducts before the summer begins, you can help delay or avoid the problem altogether.

It’s Convenient to Clean Your Ducts in Spring

            If you are already scrubbing your home from top to bottom in the springtime, why not make sure your ducts are properly maintained as well? It’s the perfect occasion to call our HVAC and duct cleaners who will make sure that the air your family breathes is as clean as can be. Be in touch with us today at ChutePlus LLC 75-25 141st pl #777 Flushing, NY 11367 (718) 683-5445 for a free quote!