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Windows can get dirty very easily. In order to keep them clean, it is important to clean them correctly with the necessary cleaning products so you can have amazing, clean and shiny windows.  

Many people are uninformed of the proper care that comes when you need to clean your windows, so these common mistakes could damage your windows. To help you avoid such mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars, ChutePlus has created a list of the common mistakes people make when it comes to cleaning your windows.   

  1. Waiting too long to clean the windows 

When you wait too long to clean up your windows a buildup of dust starts growing and it becomes difficult to clean. The dust and dirt buildup means more streaks and more cleaning solution and equipment that is needed, And it also means the costs of the cleaning is more expensive. Not only that it gives a bad impression to your customers or passersbys in your office or store. This can scare away business since first impressions are everything. For your home, residential window cleaning is just as important, increasing the curb appeal of your home.

  1. Hosing them off without having a filter.

There are so many minerals and even little stones in the water that will scratch your windows when you hose them off, this will damage the glass and with time will add a buildup of calcium that is also hard to remove. We recommend you to bring window cleaning experts to have your windows cleaned regularly.

  1. Allowing sprinklers to spray on the windows.

This should be avoided because it makes the windows dirtier. Over time it will leave watermarks on your windows. It is very hard to remove the stains on the window caused by water and over time leads to additional buildup and mineral deposits on the window and windowpane.

  1. Not using the correct equipment.

Using the correct equipment is vital to having crystal clear windows. Typical window cleaning equipment includes rubber and sponge squeegees, soaps, buckets, and for safety; pole extensions and ladders. Safety can be a big issue when it comes to cleaning any windows that are higher than the ground floor, which is very common here in New York.

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